Triple Deck Oven

We offer our clients with Triple deck oven that are reasonable for all kinds of baking. Fully Automatic Gas/Electric oven is a specific type of deck oven. A Fully Automatic Gas/Electric ovens is usually designed in a similar way to a Bakery deck oven. These can easily bake bread, pastries and cookies. Offered in gas or electrical operated models. Triple deck ovens can be modular, in other words, they can be designed to stack on top of each other. The decks can be worked independently of each other. Fully Automatic Gas/Electric oven will usually have Digital control panels and thermostats.
We are known as a trusted Triple Deck Oven Suppliers in India.

Standard Features

  • World wide acceptance deck ovens in 1/2/3 modules.
  • Compact & Elegant design suitable for show kitchens & bakeries alike
    Wide ranging capacities-baking area starting from 21/2 Up to 121/2 sq. f.t.
    Easy operation-minimum operator controls.
    Fastest preheating - 10 min to attain 1500c.
    Accurate bake resuits - independent top & bottom heat zones.
    Superiors performance- suitable for continuous or shift operation.
    Highest durability - tropicalised for 8-12 years service.
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